Pumps for chemical applications

Low-pulsation, pressure-resistant pumps that provide precise dosage are required in the most diverse market segments of the chemical industry for the pumping of the most difficult media.

Pumps for Dyes and Lacquers

Whether it’s glue for labels, emulsion paints, latex paints, adhesive manufactured from polyurethane or dyes for CACO3 rendering, we can help you choose the best pumps for your needs.  Pumps for paper production – Pumps are used in pulp and paper processing that guarantee the reliable transportation of kaolin sludge. Our pumps are especially suitable for abrasive products, and they are easy to clean.

Pumps for the Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemistry is the chemistry of petroleum-based raw materials. Many everyday products, such as softening agents, solvents, plastics and primary and intermediate products used in subsequent chemical processing are included in the category of petrochemical products. Whether it’s extracting oil or disposing of waste oil, our pumps exhibit stable performance, as in the manufacture of alternative sources.