Biogas plants extract biogas, a renewable energy source, by breaking down bacteria in an oxygen-free environment. Green electricity and green gas are extracted from this gas. We provide pump technology for the transportation of microbially decomposed organic materials. Through the EEG – the German law for the development of renewable energy – biogas facilitates the generation of electricity.

Pumps for the Extraction and Transportation of Substrate

We offer customised pump types, depending on the biogas plant and on the substrate to be extracted or transported. Our pumps are sturdily designed to effortlessly transport viscous substrates over long distances, even in continuous service.

Pumps for Feeding a Separator

Various systems can be used for the separation of solids and liquids. Eccentric screw pumps, for example, are frequently used for this purpose. However, sieve belt presses and centrifuges (decanters) may be used, in addition to the screw separators. The substrate is transported to the expansion tanks via eccentric screw pumps. From there, it makes its way to the worm presses.

Pumps for Solid Matter Input

When feeding solid matter, solid substances are crushed using cutting equipment and the substrate is then pumped by rations into the fermenter.